Opportunities for school-leavers at IDT Biologika

Just graduated from high school or about to do so? Then take a look around – there’s plenty to explore. The pharmaceutical industry has a need for both scientifically oriented individuals and the kind of employees found in any business, for example to take up commercial roles, to tackle technical or manual challenges, and for all kinds of IT requirements. Here at IDT Biologika, we offer you a wide range of opportunities – whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship or a two-track work-study (duales Studium) scheme.

An established apprenticeship with good prospects

An apprenticeship at IDT Biologika represents a solid foundation for your future career. Find out more about apprenticeship opportunities with us and make a successful start for your future. We offer a wide range of options in the scientific, technical and commercial fields. Other career paths are also available.

Apprenticeship opportunities with IDT Biologika

Two-track work-study schemes as a recipe for success

A two-track work-study (duales Studium) programme combines theory with real-life practical experience. By opting for such a scheme with IDT Biologika, you’ll gain access to career opportunities in biotechnology, business informatics and engineering informatics – highly specialised fields in which you can make a contribution to our activities with your ideas right from the outset.

Two-track work-study (duales Studium) schemes at IDT Biologika