Rich in opportunities: your career with IDT

For us, one thing is clear: without our brilliant team, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Why not become part of that team and find out what it’s like to work with IDT Biologika. We accept you for what you are, with your strengths, skills and specialisms. What’s more, we take you and your personality seriously, as only with your help can we achieve our long-term company goals. We also find that because our employees share this philosophy, they are very reluctant to leave IDT. For us, this means that unique knowledge based on experience, individual life and career profiles, and innovative ideas all go hand in hand. And for you, it means that we're sure to find the right role.

Simply diverse – our areas of activity

  • Manufacturing & technical operations

    To ensure that everything runs smoothly on the technical front, the right people are needed in the background to retain an overview of operations and know just the right manoeuvre every time. It’s only with properly functioning technical operations, in fact, that we can be in a position to open up new horizons in R&D. And this is where you come in – by helping us progress with pioneering technologies or by using your expertise to take care of our varied technical equipment, whether in relation to servicing and maintenance or by developing automation solutions.

  • Research & development

    Whether animal health, vaccines or pharmaceuticals are involved, for us human and animal well-being is a top priority – and one to which we’ve devoted our work, for over 90 years. The development and production of our own vaccines, the contract manufacturing of medicines, and laboratory services and testing are just some of our passions. In this context, our laboratory technicians are just as important as our experienced engineers and our highly qualified biotechnologists, making IDT the perfect playing field for pioneers with a thirst for research.

  • Quality

    In order to meet our customers’ requirements again and again each day, we rely on quality and compliance experts with a feel for quality and an eye for important details. At IDT, the continuous development of state-of-the-art analytical methods, supported by efficient and secure data management systems, are as vital to our activities as stability studies and tests. Needless to say, full compliance with GMP requirements is always high on the agenda. Why not become a valued member of our laboratory team? We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Sales & marketing

    Developing first-class products and bringing these successfully to market: if that’s your passion, then you’re the ideal person to join our sales or marketing team. After all, if our products are to be found by the consumers who need them, then our sales activities will rely on your feel for customers’ wishes. When it comes to marketing, our market success will depend on your skills with regard to graphics, text and content, not to mention your precise approach to market research and marketing strategy. This will allow us to build the strongest foundations for the future.

  • Management & administration

    It’s obvious that, from a commercial point of view, we need to get our figures right. That’s why IDT offers fantastic career prospects for accounting wizards, as you’re the people who’ll be responsible for ensuring our operations are financially sound. A skilled approach is also needed for our HR activities when there’s a need to find the right new colleagues to join our team. Or, perhaps, you’re interested in one of our varied leadership roles – where you can use your decision-making skills to make the precise changes needed. The aim? Our continued success tomorrow.

What we offer: a winning story

Continual development of your personal and professional strengths. Flexible working hours. Real responsibilities. And all in a family-friendly environment with an appealing array of children’s facilities, cultural activities and leisure opportunities. As you can see, it's a perfect setting for professionals like you. Want to know what else we have to offer? Then take a look around – it’s worth it.

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