Targeted development as a core principle

As a “hidden champion”, IDT Biologika is experiencing rapid growth – currently at rates far above average for the market. To ensure that this growth trajectory continues into the future, our human resource and organisational development is targeted at supporting and building our employees’ potential.

Human resource development

While our development activities are multi-dimensional in scope, they are designed to ensure that we successfully progress together. In close alignment with your current career stage and knowledge levels, we offer a range of staff development opportunities.

  • Management development

    Management development plays a key part in our overall human resource and organisational development measures. Our philosophy in this area is clear and simple: only with optimally trained managers who see themselves both as leaders and experts in their fields can we continue to achieve outstanding results in the future.

    To this end, we are currently supporting approximately 200 members of our management teams with a variety of customised programmes. Some of these are tailored to specific areas of activity, while others are focused on managers from a variety of fields. As well as high-quality training, we support our leadership colleagues in ways that include mentoring, coaching by colleagues, networking opportunities, development centres, on-the-job coaching and targeted assistance with team development.

  • Talent development

    The people we term our “Talents” are a special group of employees, managers and experts who stand out, on the basis of factors such as their high levels of motivation, flexibility or future potential. For this group, we organise a targeted programme of training, coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities, as well as a specific project, in order to prepare them as fully as possible for taking on greater responsibility in the future. Following this programme, our Talents are then provided with ongoing individual talent management support.

  • Employee development

    A key focus of IDT’s activities lies in ensuring that our employees gain the general and requirement-specific skills they need. Such development incorporates both specialist topics and soft skills. Currently, our managers – in their role as the “primary local staff developers” – oversee these requirements, as they are best placed to know what skills each of their employees needs in his or her role.

Goal agreement process

At present, we manage our goal-oriented processes by means of a modified management-by-objectives methodology. A clear aim here involves taking a collaborative approach in which individual goals are not in conflict with each other. Instead, such goals are seen as the overall responsibility of the management team – including downstream levels of management – and as complementing one another. Prominent attention is given to structuring and prioritising, as well as to using the goal agreement process primarily as a transparent management resource.

National scholarship programme (Deutschlandstipendium)

As well as training up our workforce, we also demonstrate our commitment to the future of promising students by participating in the “Deutschlandstipendium” national scholarship programme. Currently we are involved in supporting this nationwide programme at a number of different universities.

Joining IDT as a school-leaver