An inspiring corporate culture

Our shared story of success shows we’re getting things right. After all, when colleagues pull together and combine their professional expertise with their people skills, they create the ideal conditions for growth and cohesion. At IDT we have firm goals in mind and aim to achieve these as an integrated team – one that nevertheless provides all employees with sufficient freedom to develop in their own specific way and to make their mark with new approaches.

An overview of our values

Competence and customer orientation

Continuity and sustainability

Initiative and a focus on results

A culture that’s open to learning and innovation

Honesty, trust and cooperation

We subscribe to the principles of professionalism, straightforwardness and integrity.

Our cooperation with one another is especially important. To encourage this, we organise activities such as regular summer parties, we support our company sports teams and we cheer on our employees as they compete in the dragon boat competition. We are also happy to sponsor social and cultural projects in the region.