IDT as an employer

If you opt to work for IDT Biological, you’all be choosing a career path that’s characterised by a cooperative approach and excellent collaboration with your colleagues. When we work as a team, we really achieve things – both for us and for our customers. And while doing this, we think of the future and follow sustainable principles. We are continually exploring new avenues – with our eyes and ears open and a constant willingness to learn. Our open culture of healthy interaction, a culture in which honesty and trust play a major role, is of benefit to all those who contribute to IDT’s work every day.

Develop your potential with IDT

Your prospects are boundless

Whatever rung of the career ladder you are on, we’ll make sure you climb higher. We attach great value to your personal development, since the professional and personal skills of each of our employees form the basis for our growth and our corporate culture.

Your prospects

Living in Dessau and its region

The city of Dessau, famous for its Bauhaus architecture, also benefits from an attractive natural setting and a rich variety of cultural facilities. Dessau lies at the heart of the Dessau-Gorlitz Garden Realm, mid-way between the larger cities of Leipzig, Berlin and Magdeburg. It’s a place where you can find everything you need for a good life, in a regional hub with its own district government.