Your rewards for working at IDT

At IDT, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits – as we appreciate that your participation makes a real contribution to our corporate success. We reward this in a variety of ways: from your salary and a variety of flexible working time arrangements to options for employee childcare.

The specific things we offer

  • A salary that reflects your contribution – since it goes without saying that the money has to be right
  • A company pension scheme – allowing you to avoid any worries about the future
  • Flexible working time options and packages that are designed to fit the different phases of your life – enabling you to combine family life with your career
  • A range of ongoing training opportunities – allowing you to develop your career for future success
  • A company healthcare management scheme – as health is surely one of our main assets
  • Support for you in finding a home – so that you’re as happy at home as you are at work
  • Help with the selection of appropriate childcare and provision of a childcare allowance – to protect our young generation