Your application at IDT Biologika

Convince us with professionalism and a complete application and give us an accurate insight on your skills. Let us know about your personal hobbies and interests. The more detailed the information on you is, the sooner we know if we are a good match and if an interview is the next step.

Tips for applications and interesting facts on the application procedure

Useful tips and advice that are worth knowing when it comes to applying.

  • The online application

    We use an online application system. This way we are able to make the application process more efficient for both of us. Please use this system only when applying at IDT Biologika and refrain from speculative applications, letters, or phone calls.

    What you should keep in mind when applying:

    • Take the time you need and work on your application where you are undisturbed.
    • Portray your assets, interests and skills in your online application.
    • Convince us with your cover letter – you should be able to answer the question “Why am I suited best for this job?” as well as “What is my aim in life?”Convince us with your cover letter – you should be able to answer the question “Why am I suited best for this job?” as well as “What is my aim in life?”
    • In your cover letter, refer to the most important requirements mentioned in the job ad in short and match them with your skills.
    • Refrain from just repeating the phases in your CV – your personal interests and assets are as important for us as are your professional experience and talent.
    • The CV is your business card: Design it as a personal data sheet, without gap and very informative.
    • Take your time: Fill in your data accurately.
    • Avoid typing errors, especially in your e-mail address, as we use it to contact you.
    • Pay attention to the completeness of your data – the fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

    You should provide the following data digitally: personal data sheet, cover letter, certificates/references, as well as other documents that could be of interest. Submit your documents in one file if possible. This file should be a common format (PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel JPG). Other files, also ZIP-files, are not accepted by our system. Please pay attention that the documents are of good quality and legibility.

    Accept the data privacy statement to make a login possible. You can always login again using your personal login details, e.g. to send additional applications or to add information to your application before sending it.

    You will get a notice of receipt after sending us your application. We will contact you after checking your application documents. This can take a while – please be patient. We will invite you for an interview in the case we think you are the right candidate.

  • The job interview

    You have made a good first impression – we are looking forward to a job interview with you at IDT Biologika. It may be the case that we contact you for a phone interview first, which is shorter than getting to know you personally. If by phone or personally – take the chance to present yourself. Usually, at least one person from the specialist department and one person from Human Resources take part in the interview.

    Use the following tips to prepare for the job interview:

    • Be there on time and consider the time you need to travel – if it comes to any delays, please call us early enough.
    • Pay attention to a well-groomed appearance: Your clothes should be decent and look the part of job you apply for.
    • Prepare yourself for questions, typical questions in job interviews are, e.g.: Why have you applied for this job? Why should we decide in your favor? What are your assets and weaknesses? By doing so, we want to know if you match our criteria.
    • In addition, you should be prepared for questions concerning your curriculum vitae.
    • Read up on IDT Biologika and do some detailed research.
    • Ask questions: You too should take the chance to learn more about your potential employer – your questions are a signal that you are really interested in working at IDT Biologika.
    • Remain true to yourself: We want to get to know you as an authentic person – to pretend something will not make any of us happy in the long run.

You can find us on various job- and recruiting events in whole Germany. If you visit us at such an event, please consider beforehand what you would like to know. Please do not bring any application documents in written form – rather have a look at our website before the event or after talking to us and apply for specific jobs you are interested in.

Your job search and our vacancies

Find a job at IDT Biologika that suits you. You can filter the list of vacancies using various criteria (job profile, sites, etc.) just as you like. If you have spotted a job ad in a newspaper, magazine or online job board, you can search the list using the mentioned reference code.

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