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On this site, you’ll find everything you need to know about IDT Biologika as an employer and about the opportunities available for your future career. As a company, we specialise in the development and manufacture of medicines, particularly immunological biopharmaceuticals – and have many years of expertise in this field. Whether in research and development, the manufacture and marketing of our own products, or technologies and services, we offer an enormous variety of career opportunities.

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Find out all you need to know about an apprenticeship or a two-track work-study (duales Studium) scheme at IDT.
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Still at university, looking for the perfect work placement, or planning to complete your final dissertation? Then come this way...
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Have you gained your degree and are now seeking a direct-entry graduate position in the pharmaceutical sector.
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Experienced applicants

Fancy sharing your expertise with us and learning what kind of prospects you might have at IDT? Then we’re at your service.
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Working together for a successful future

Irrespective of whether you’re a would-be apprentice, are at the start of your career, are seeking a direct-entry graduate role, or are an experienced professional – at IDT, we view competence, employee satisfaction and a collaborative approach as the key factors in our shared success.

Getting to know IDT

IDT’s strengths as an employer

  1. The innovation and dynamism of an SME - allowing your career to develop in tandem with our success.
  2. An interdisciplinary approach that’s open to new ideas - enabling you to benefit from a positive working environment that values open communication.
  3. A supportive and cohesive atmosphere - where you’ll feel settled and become part of our corporate culture.
  4. The chance to experience growth and variety - as you help strengthen our company’s foundations in a region that has a great deal to offer.
  5. A combination of challenge and balance - where you can harmonise your personal and professional goals.

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Fantastic benefits that recognise your commitment and an approach that strikes the right work-life balance.
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