An overview of the vocational courses available

Here you can find all the vocational courses at IDT Biologika. You can use the filter function to provide a quick and easy overview based on your interests. Either everything at a glance or drilled down to the relevant details – clicking on each course brings up detailed information on your chosen profession.

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Biology Lab Technician (m/f)

Biology is the school of life – and, as a trainee Biology Lab Technician (m/f), you will experience up close what it can do on even the smallest of scales.
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Chemistry Lab Technician (m/f)

Chemistry shows us what’s going on in micro-scale in and around us. It’s all about the interactions between atoms, molecules and ions.
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Pharmacist (m/f)

Pharmacy is the branch of science that looks at what effect they have and how we can actually shape this effect at the development stage.
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Mechatronics Engineer (m/f)

Mechatronics is all about the interactions between electronics, mechanical and IT components within technical systems.
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Industrial Mechanic (m/f)

As a trainee Industrial Mechanic (m/f), you’ll learn everything you need to know about building, maintaining, repairing and operating machinery and production systems here with us.
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Warehouse Logistics Specialist (m/f)

Always knowing where our goods are stored and when they’ll be leaving the warehouse – those are the responsibilities of our warehouse logistics specialists in a nutshell.
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Recycling and Waste Management Specialist (m/f)

Unfortunately, waste is unavoidable in the research, development and production of active pharmaceutical substances.
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